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In my recent past, I have been a hoarder of art and craft materials. Well, a few years ago I decided to “bite the bullet” and gave away 95% of my craft stuff. Since then, I have been working to remove excess art tools, paints, inks, pencils, pastels, papers, canvas, fabrics and coloured card that I have acquired over the years. I still have enough paper, card and fabric to keep me going for a few months yet.

Now, not only do I have all the materials I need, but I also have a box of reference pictures of things that I really want to have a go at drawing or painting. I go through it and weed out pictures that no longer interest me once a year, but I still have a lot of pictures left! So there is no shortage of inspiration!

My goal is to use up excess media and substrates that I have, and at the same time improve my drawing and painting skills. A lot of the paints and papers that I have are old and not of particularly good quality. Once they are gone I can invest in better quality materials and spend my time creating better quality art.

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