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Now that I have completed the basic layout of my website, I should be able to spend more time creating art. Hopefully I will be able to become so productive, that I will have lots of excess stuff to be able to put it up for sale!

As I already have an eBay account, it is most likely that I will put it up for sale there. I will look at other ways of making my art available for purchase as soon as I get my life back and a new routine has been established.

Building my site is taking me a long time. Because I need to be able to update my site multiple times every month I need to be able to do it myself. I am learning the hard way by teaching myself how to do it, which is painfully slow. However, there is no immediate rush required to get it finished as I am not trying to earn a living from either my art or my website building, but I don’t want to be sitting at the computer forever! I want to do much more drawing, painting and airbrushing - more of the fun things in life.

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