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31 July 2016

782 Man - Pen & ink portrait drawing on paper

Image Size:

A4 (approx. 30 cm × 21 cm = 12" × 8")

Back to my roots this time with a pen and ink drawing on something called Arches Cagrain Paper. During my shopping trips I picked quite a few sample packs of different types of paper. The texture was a bit rough, probably more suited to pastels or coloured pencils. It worked out ok for this piece.

I started with a basic, non-detailed pencil sketch. I certainly wasn't going for a realistic look, just enough detail to identify that it was a man with his arms folded across his chest wearing a woolly jumper. The image originally came out of a knitting machine pattern book.  When my mother finally gave up knitting on her machine she had stacks of knitting books from the 1980's. Well, they had nice colour pictures, so I massacred them for the pictures for my collection for drawing and painting from.

It was kind of funny when I completed this image, because the bloke ended up looking like Sly Stallone. The model looked nothing like Sly! The result was nothing wonderful, but it at least was practice.

782 Man Pen & ink portrait drawing on paper

Image Size:

A4 (approx. 30 cm × 21 cm = 12" × 8")

 Pen & ink portrait drawing of a man on paper by