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Drawings, Paintings & Airbrushed T-shirts by Anne Grundy

This site is a visual diary of my artistic endeavours…

My site is what the tag line says - a visual diary of my art. Every time I update my site, I post a piece of art and a web-log about the piece. You are invited to watch my progress, or lack of it, whatever the case may be. You are also welcome to check out my site any time to see what’s new or to browse any of my previous blogs from the last 12 months.

My art is Traditional Art using acrylics, inks, paints, pencils, pastels, watercolours and mixed media. It is mostly created on canvas, fabric or paper. The closest to digital art I get is by using an airbrush, on paintings and airbrushed T-shirts. I also like to experiment a lot with mediums and tools, including stencils.

The subjects I draw and paint are mostly portraits of magazine models as well as family, friends, celebrities and a few fantasy portraits. Animals, places, landscapes, fantasy subjects and all sorts of other things are on my “to do” list. Some of the items I have previously painted include cars, lipstick and flowers!


Please note that this site is designed to be viewed on a large screen or tablet. A mobile version is still way, way down the track. Unfortunately, the last time I checked there were only 24 hours in a day!

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I am currently using up my excess paints and paper so that in the future I will be able to purchase quality materials for each individual project. This gives me a variety of surfaces to practice and experiment on, and you get to see the results here on my site.  At the moment I have around 150 pieces of paper and card that I am aiming to use up in the next few months.

30 November 2016

791 Marilyn McCoo - Acrylic ink portrait painting on yellow poster board

Image Size:

A3 (approx. 30 cm × 42 cm = 12" × 16.5")

I think that this was the first time I painted on a yellow background. Once again I started with a basic sketch, and then began airbrushing over the top. Skin tones were created using yellow ochre, sienna and umber. Her hair was created with sienna, umber and black.

I painted her lips with a paintbrush to get a better saturation of colour, instead of making umpteen passes with the airbrush. If I'd used the airbrush I would have had to have masked the area off, because you can bet that I would overspray the area if I tried it freehand. I'm too lazy to do lots of masking. Masking the background is just about my limit. I prefer to spray "free and easy!

I also used a fine paintbrush to add white highlights, paint some hair strands, eyelashes and her earrings and necklace.

You may have noticed that up until now I have had a tendency to leave my paintings under-finished. That is intentional, as to me, most of my art on A4 and A3 paper and card I only consider to be "studies and practice".


Marilyn McCoo - Acrylic ink portrait painting on yellow poster board

Image Size:

A3 (approx. 30 cm × 42 cm = 12" × 16.5")

Acrylic ink portrait painting on yellow poster board by